Nora Bourke

Hi, I’m Nora! Thanks for being here!

I am a creative communications professional who specializes in digital communications & graphic design.

A pivotal moment for me in my life was in elementary school when I tried to teach myself how to draw people. I spent days with my pencil in hand, scribbling away at my notebook during school. A fascination with the ability to depict real life led to a fierce passion and determination for making new things, becoming enthralled with my ability to express myself through creativity. Realizing I had the power to build images, stories, poems, or ideas… I was hooked on the power of art and creativity!

My love for creativity has brought me to flourish in a variety of skills such as graphic design, photography, videography, social media, event coordination, public relations, youth ministry, and communications.

As an organized professional, I am passionate about building relationships between an organization with its target audience. I do this through a variety of digital and print media.

Let’s tell stories and make something beautiful!