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I am a creative communications professional who specializes in digital communications & graphic design.

As an organized individual, I am passionate about building relationships between an organization with its target audience through digital and print media.

Graphic/Logo Design


All video footage and editing is property of Nora Bourke. All music is creatively used in respect to copyright law, courtesy of original artists.

Social Media Maintenance

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church


Instagram: @scos_parish_

Twitter: @scos_parish_

Our Lady of the Rosary Youth Ministry

Instagram: @olor_ym

Twitter: @olor_ym


Apparel Design


USF students disregard stereotypes of danger on Halloween night – 10/28/13

Amanda Smith Feature – 10/16/14

‘Homosexuality and Christianity’ lecture raises questions of controversy for USF students – 10/7/13

Public Relations Writing

PRESS RELEASE: Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge & Sgt. Mark Dickinson -1/24/15

MEDIA ALERT: The Oxford Exchange – 3/6/14

PRESS RELEASE: Album Launch – 1/28/14

PRESS RELEASE: Alamance County Art Council – 2/6/14

PITCH LETTER: Publication for Lorianne De Loreto’s Book – 2/13/14

Guest Blog Writing

Confetti Events: Sneak Peak of Rebbecca + Chase Wedding – 12/4/1

BayView Radiology: How to Relax During An MRI – 5/5/13

MDesignUSA: Tips for a Germ-Free Kitchen – 5/13/13

McLauchlan’s Moldovan Musings: Spring Break in Moldova – 3/14/13

MDesign Media Online

Know the Differences for Each Type of Logo – 10/29/13

Creative Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business in Your Area – 10/15/13

The 3 Compelling Steps for Professional Branding – 10/10/13

YouTube Video Marketing Made Simple – 9/6/13

What You Shouldn’t Be Doing on Twitter! – 9/5/13

Instagram Video, What Does This Mean For Business? – 6/24/13

Hashtagging, What’s the Deal? – 6/13/13

Online Marketing: Engage Your Audience – 6/7/13

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