For the Love of Typography

Typography is the use of strokes, curve, and lines used to illustrate words. Typography is your friend. It really is. We see type everywhere, from inside of textbooks, on our food products, in pamphlets, on billboards, on mugs, in art, in advertisements, and in culture... words are everywhere. Typography, or fonts, according to the internet "is the... Continue Reading →

I Swear I Lived

The song I Lived by OneRepublic has been playing on repeat for me... It was stuck in my head tonight, as I kept singing it at dinner. Sure enough, my dear friend Emily started joining me. The song, which speaks on nostalgia and accomplishment, has become my personal anthem for my current stage of transition. On... Continue Reading →

Pursue Your Passions

It is my biggest desire to live the life I was made for, to witness the greatness of this world. It's tempting to conform to comfort and I have definitely settled for laziness in the past, sticking to what other people think I should do. As I continue to pursue communications and ministry I often come across insecurities about how... Continue Reading →

More Meetings Saves You Time

As a thriving 21-year-old pursing my passions while finishing up my college career, I am always challenged with polishing my skills in time management. At KnoBull PR, I am constantly blown away by how our firm is made up of brilliant minds and determined go-getters. An amazing strategy I've noticed on our accounts is frequent meetings. Yes, meetings can be a... Continue Reading →

Officially an Unofficial Videographer

Everyone Loves Weddings Weddings are so wonderful! Who doesn't love weddings? It's a beautiful gift of witnessing two people make their vows in front of their family and friends as they enter in the sacrament of matrimony. It's a day that opens people up and brings them together. It's a day of glitz and glam.... Continue Reading →

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