College Humor and Why Women Deserve More

In college I was given an assignment to optimize media for a university organization which existed for college aged women. A special moment in my career-focused program, I had never heard of Her Campus. I soon got to learn more.

Their tagline? A collegiate’s guide to life. Considering I was a part of their target audience it was very easy for me to be on board with their mission by doing their graphic design and communication.

A resource and campus organization made for women, by women in hopes for them to achieve their goals.


As I  became more aware of Her Campus I found that behind the sorority appeal what lied beneath it was something quite annoying. The crowds of women who run and participate in Her Campus chapters to recruit student members and host meetings to connect with young women. That means being connected to their social media.


Take a look at their website. It is clearly a gorgeously-crafted online network for young women. Upon entering you easily find a plethora of media, articles, and buttons that helps show the considerable community and the guidance offered for their audience.

Remember, it’s a collegiate’s guide to life.


The Sections tab organizes their segments, or values, in which pertain to the characteristics which Her Campus hopes to support. We see Career, Life, Love, Healthy, Style, News…

Bring the mouse over Resources, there is this:

Learn About Colleges, Stay Healthy, Manage Your Money, Get Your Dream Job, Make a Packing Lists, etc. It’s impressive the glut of articles available to a doting young college student. Now is a great “aha” moment. Finally, a network of women and students who crave not only success for their viewers and members, but community.

How counter-cultural, how necessary. It seemed authentic, it seemed valuable. But like every Greek tragedy, we come to an unfortunate end.

Their social media.

You and I both know this to be the digital era, where we spend more time on social apps then on actual websites. Scrolling more than reading. We judge content by its appearance with its own truth embedded within its subject matter.

We have settled for graphics, memes, soundbites, and zingers. Her Campus was no different

This is where I have a problem with Her Campus. Let’s look at the content to which they proud claim for the women of our world seeking higher education…

Finally, something more thought-provoking and challenging

This is the best we have to offer women?

Let me make myself perfectly clear: My disappointment in their social content isn’t the content itself, it’s their angle.

By saying very little they are saying so much about what they think of women.

Now I don’t hate social media and I don’t think memes are pointless, I enjoy both. But as a read the dull captions and disappointing posts… enough is enough.

Everything this organization claims to offer on their website becomes a faint memory when we look at their Facebook community, their dialogue with followers. It sets the bar far too low for our women.

They mimic the same BuzzFeed merry-go-round, sharable media which appeals to the senses. This is content that comes off as “relatable” among internet users, but in fact over time it becomes clear that jokes about wine and dull memes are less about humor and more about lazy conformity.

Instead of highlighting their articles or giving inspiration for women, in her career aspects, journey for self help, and search for knowledge… we give her language that we assume she is already speaking.

In a metropolis of saturated culture, social promenades, and sexual promiscuity… women deserve better. I don’t want another BuzzFeed, I don’t want another sorority. They already exist.

We need more educated and valid content which shapes an organization that can make me proud to be a women, bringing a sense of authentic wonder for the modern woman. Women of grit, of sensitivity, of creativity, intelligence, and confidence.


That is why I adore Verily Magazine!

Their tagline is Less of Who You Should Be, More of Who You Are.

Heck yes! Come take a look at what you’ll find while scrolling through their Facebook…



“The world does not need what women have, it needs what women are.”

-Edith Stein

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