Some Media Inspiration to Actually Do Lent.

There are a decent amount of friends posting on social media about this liturgical season in the desert. Ash Wednesday memes are truly out of this world and there are selfies galore and let’s not forget the goodbyes from our faithful friends posting “see ya at Easter” which seem to parallel the full parking lots and Sunday friends you get to see at mass on a Wednesday. It’s busy, it’s chaos… and I’m supposed to be prayerful and sanctified in preparation for our Lord’s resurrection? Perhaps you’re ready for your Fish Fry but not ready for the actual idle moments in Lent, the moments of quiet, sacrifice, and self reflection. Maybe you need a boost. A dose of inspiration. A fellow brother or sister sharing some vulnerability in order for you to face your own.

Here is a handful of some of my closest friends to get you going on the right track this Lent…


“Preparing for Lent”  by Fr. Mike Schmitz & Ascension Presents

Aaaand we’re kicking it off with the cream of the crop. The main man. The most explanatory of all the explanations listed here… Fr. Mike and Ascension! I like to heretically imagine that the Holy Spirit dove flies down to Minnesota just to whispers wisdom into Father’s ear. The dude’s got it DOWN when evangelizing to the average viewer with mere logic, philosophy, encouragement, and shiny coiffed hair. When it comes to understanding the basics of Lent and what to do, here’s where you start on your road to inspiration for these 40 days. Watch here.


“How to Lent: Resolution Revolution” by How-To Catholic with Kevin & Lisa Cotter

Here’s an amazing, sweet, and energetic couple that can totally motivate you to conquer the struggles faced within prayer, fasting resolutions, and choice for almsgiving (aka, charity). What is more admirable about this crew, besides how lovely they are, is that they dive into certain doubts and frustrations we have during Lent. Lent is difficult. Lent is frustrating. Lent hurts. Not because we as humans are bad or shameful, but because we are good. And so abiding in the Father’s love and going through this penitential season calls us to a season of transformation, trial, and growth. I very much appreciate this podcast episode exploring some of the nitty gritty of that. You are not alone. You can do this. Listen here.


“It’s (Almost) Lent! *Air Horns” by The Crunch Podcast

Not just the goons on Twitter, the college guys from the Crunch give some helpful information woven with some serious tangents. It’s good. Just two faithful dudes surviving college sharing experience and insight makes this one an easy listen… perhaps even a sense of community. Notably, the episode title is muy fuego. Listen here.



All #vLent Videos by That Catholic Couple

I was the summer staffer for Daniel’s old parish back in the day. This channel is relevant, joyful, and creative. Instead of abstaining from social media this Lent, they’re actually upping the ante and are doing daily vlogs every. day. of. Lent.

Not only is this challenging (I can’t imagine filming, editing, uploading, and sharing a video everyday for 40 days straight), this is a valuable petition to evangelize by sharing their Lenten journey with viewers! Bringing light to these 40 days, the everyday practice of the reality of the Gospel is shared on such a large media platform. Glazes, you rock. Watch here… and stay tuned til Easter, or even after that!


aaand of course..


“S1E5: How Do You Prepare for Lent?” by the Four Fathers 

Four Catholic Priests from the great Diocese of St. Petersburg just started a podcast! Answering questions and topics that many of us face, these men respond from a priest’s perspective. I mean whose else do they have? What’s wonderful about this podcast, besides the fraternity of celibate men, is the authenticity in the conversations shared. Listen here.

Well there you have it!

In honor of today’s Gospel, I will not share what I’m giving up and taking on this Lent. But you got this, enjoy all the above and I pray you do Lent well and can come out of it more united with Christ and His love.

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