Visually Exquisite: 5 Creative Videos That Will Captivate You

We are truly lucky to be in a world that has Vimeo at the power of our fingertips. As wonderfully worded by Elise Moreau from Lifewire, Vimeo can be simply described as a platform for filmmakers to upload creative videos for sharing. That’s it, point blank. But ah, I love that blank. This particular platform encompasses a plethora of content sharing! Videos and short films can be uploaded to a far higher quality on Vimeo than YouTube. Thus, this has allowed for a digital community network of artists in a higher caliber of sharable content. Exploring through the different categories and Staff Favorites, here are some visually compelling and profound videos…


  1. The Colourist

    As one of the original colourists for Whites Aviation in the 1950’s, Grace Rawson reminisces and revives the forgotten art of hand-tinted photography for the first time in over fifty years.

    Directors: Greg Wood, Peter Alsop

    Loading Docs is a series of incredible 3-minute documentaries from New Zealand. Watch them all here:

  2. Jeffrey Seller — Setting the Stage: The Power of Live Art

    2016 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Jeffrey Seller. Producer of Hamilton, Rent, Avenue Q, In the Heights. Seller believes there are ways in which the digital age falls short. For him, the experience of live theater fulfills a deep visceral need for live storytelling in a way that cannot be replaced.

    Seller’s own process is predicated on searching for those special moments in which the hair stands up on his arms and he is completely in the theater’s thrall—and his legacy of musicals, from Rent and Avenue Q to In the Heights and Hamilton, has inspired that same reaction in millions of theatergoers. Learn more about FoST Fest here:

    (Also if you love Hamilton I highly recommend watching

  3. Young Dancers at the White House

    The First Lady welcomed young girls to the White House for a workshop with dancing icons from Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Judith Jamison, Debbie Allen, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Fatima Robinson.

  4. DTS Above NYC

    We took a helicopter above New York City to change our perspective. Our friends Patrick, Keen, and Grant came along to help capture it with us. Track is Futura by Jerry Folk ( Video shot by Grant Spanier (

  5. Wild Imagination

    For this photo pack, Seth Dunlap ( ) , a Nashville based videographer followed Death to Stock Photographer Patrick Chin ( and Calen & Kristy Rhome ( as they captured our imagination with a series of photos and drone video on the open road 4 hours West of Denver.

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