Here’s to Writing More (Life Update)

Perhaps it is a good thing that my deepest writing endeavors end at my precious little WordPress, which has a cult following of maybe one person who actually knows me in my personal life (hey, you rock… whoever you are) and the rest are yet-to-meet friends who just so happened to have pressed “follow” when they found my page (you also are great). it’s been about four months since the last time I published something.

Personally, I’ve taken on some new hobby goals, more on that later. Importantly, one of those is to give more TLC to my WordPress. Now is as good of a time as ever to share with you, fellow reader what has happened since my last post. So here are 5 things that have happened…

  1. My sister got married!

    collage-2Crazy stinking good day, from gal pal-ing it up at her bachelorette party, tons of running around the week of, sharing in so many precious private moments with my sister leading up to her wedding, to the tearful walk down the aisle, delivering my MOH toast to her, Dan, and the people that love them the most… it was such a trip. That day ended up being one of my most favorites. I was taken aback from the overabundance of love and trust shared with all sorts of people that have journeyed with my sister and I throughout our lives. Also shout out to my Peruvian family that joined me going hard until 2 a.m., enjoying good sangria and dancing together in downtown St. Pete post-reception.

  2. Painting and Drawing more

    15095068_10154791546489697_8541163405790851993_nAny friend of mine would know how mpassionate I am about marketing, graphic design, creating communication-oriented content, and fonts. Always fonts. But dialy routine aside, I’ve been intentional about going back to my roots. Back to the basics. I think there is great beauty in that. I stumbled upon Blick Art Supplies and grabbed some markers, paper, and paint. As it turns out I am not as good at creating watercolor flowers as I once thought. But I’m working on it. Progress. Patience. Balance. Back to basics.

  3. Hamilton Mixtape is coming out

    tumblr_nzwbiltbix1ue0dpno1_400Perhaps now is the most opportune time to share the fact that I almost… almost have all of Eliza’s parts down in the Hamilton soundtrack. Seriously, this musical is taking over my life. No shame. A testament to the culture significance of this production? The highly anticipated Hamilton Mixtape is coming out next month. (hint, hint…). Now I realize that this particularly does not pertain to my life, but I’d rather make this a list of 5 instead of 4.

  4. Oh yeah… I moved into a new place

    collage-3I moved the same week that Isabella and Dan got married… that was quite the adventure. Moving to a slightly new are with new roommates has been such an exciting journey. Just waiting for Joey and Chandler to move in across the hall.

  5. I turned 23

    nobody_20likes_20you_20when_20you_re_2023_20blink_20182_20lyrics_6abe245c-8ce6-4943-8a55-1872264e0406_1024x1024Constantly convincing people that I am in fact an adult. 23 is weird. Probably because I’m at a lingering bus stop in between certain seasons of life… a struggle which can be told  in plenty of GIFs.

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