Why it’s #BeAMissionaryMonday


Excuse the fact that I’m typing this within the last few hours of #BeAMissionaryMonday . I planned on having this done last night. But life and ministry got in the way. Time got ahead of me, the people I serve became priority. I made a plan and God laughed. So now I’m posting this at 7 p.m.

That tends to happen a lot when we try to make plans on our own. Funny, isn’t it?

What the crud is #BeAMissionaryMonday?!

Simple answer: An all-day social media plug to get MORE college students to apply to be a summer missionary at any and all Life Teen Camps.

True answer: A digital stampede from hundreds of young adults whose hearts have been ravished by witnessing the love of Christ conquer the lives of teenagers while on summer missions. It’s a celebration and a hopeful plea for college students to join this Catholic movement that transforms so many lives. Also hastags, photos, and links are just wonderful in this day and age!

To Be Called

I remember sitting in Mass, it was the last day of my week at camp. I was 17 years old and just graduated high school. The priest at the altar spoke into the mic and asked to pray over any campers who felt the call to serve at camp as a Summer Missionary. I sat, wondering if I should consider standing. Amy, my Summer Staffer, turned around and smiled at me, motioning for me to stand. Surprised, I looked at my friends from my parish and they all were smiling and gesturing for me to stand. In awe, surprise, and thrill I stood up and was prayed over among the handful of teens who stood with me. It was surreal.

Did I really do that?

I admired and was actually quite intimidated by the many summer missionaries I got to meet and talk to throughout my time of going to camp twice. They were such joyful, humble, and genuinely really cool. They did so much, loved so well, and helped me grow closer to the Lord in so many ways. Surely, I wasn’t like them… surely I was not meant to do it.

Long story short, in the middle of my college career I finally applied. I was so incredibly unqualified with no direction. I was invited to serve. Boy was I not ready for this incredible invitation.






The Real Reason

If you are a college student who either greatly desires to serve or is just interested in knowing more about it… APPLY! You literally have nothing to lose! You also only have ONE MORE WEEK LEFT TO APPLY!

Teenagers are desperate for the Gospel, teens are the reason #whysummermissions, you get to do whatever relational, spiritual, or small tasks in order for God to come through and show them what love is and what love isn’t. There is a whole generation desiring to live fully alive according to their Creator.

Do not deny this desire to serve a purpose that is WORTH YOUR TIME!

Forget your excuses, forget your silly plans… this world needs you right now to respond to the greatness you were made for.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire!”-St. Catherine of Siena


the reason, right here

(also, the precious memories, the wonderful community, never-ending grace, outdoor actives and mountains for days, falling in love with & understanding the Mass, Chaco tans, people falling in love with Jesus, people falling in love with the Blessed Mother, people falling in love with each other #datingfast, being around precious priests all the time, constant praise, endless dance parties, pursing your vocation, Lizzie G, liturgy of the hours, being humble, meeting people where they’re at, everyone seeking sainthood, and possibly finding your future job)

Major Credits to Maggie Craig

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