Days Like Today

IMG_0597I enjoy days like today. Currently I am home in St. Petersburg with my parents, enjoying the week off of work. I had  a productive afternoon planned  I woke up early and drove my dad down to Downtown St. Petersburg. My dad and I took the scenic route, talking about baseball and the right streets to drive in traffic. My dad, old and sick, finds himself delighted in small moments of life. An old soul, my dad craves to connect with others in only a unique way he knows how. He and I have something special in common, we both love quality time. Being physically next to each other, letting passing minutes joyfully swift by in a quirky harmony that only he and I can appreciate, is something very special.

After the leisurely drive and errand, I walked down to Hooker Tea Company on Beach Drive (a signature spot in DTSP) to meet up with one of my dearest Mary. After talking and some laughter we ran off across the street around the North Straub park, talking and exploring. We were on a mission, to take pictures for a special project (it’s a surprise!). For the first time in awhile the weather was absolutely perfect, there were no rain showers, the Florida sun was finally shining bright on all the families, couples, and teenagers strolling around the one-way streets. I was having a lot of fun with Mary’s camera. Some candids:

IMG_5377 IMG_5359   IMG_5379

My personal favorite, so lovely

Excited, we ran to the historic and beautiful Vinoy Renaissance Resort, an exclusive venue with old architecture and recently adorned pop art and modern furniture. We ran in like we were guests and found whatever quick stops we could find throughout the property with the most quaint background and ideal lighting for photographs. Modeling is clearly my strong suit. The images speak for themselves…

IMG_5403 IMG_5405

IMG_5407 IMG_5409

IMG_5455 IMG_5450

Around 1:45 p.m. Mary and I hugged goodbye and I drove the long way back to my parents’ house.

My mom and I went to a late lunch together near my old high school, where we got to talk about the family, my sister’s engagement, upcoming plans, and where life has taken us in the past year. We gabbed and sat for awhile. I later sent videos of my mom saying hi, via SnapChat, to my soon-to-be brother-in-law Dan. It was all sorts of wonderful.

At home, I spent part of my evening on my MacBook working on various NB Creative projects with the help of Adobe CC. I was later so blessed in having a 2-hour long phone conversation with my beautiful friend, fellow blogger, and sister-in-Christ Sarah to spill hearts about her internship, my ministry, adventures, recent experiences, the semester ahead, and prayer. It was so incredibly joyful and blessed to know what goodness the Lord has been doing in taking us on our own separate journeys in the past year. Sarah is an amazing woman who shared wisdom with me about where to trust in God’s will in my life.

Late in the night my sister came over to the house, and, well long story short my dad eventually walked into a busy room with Isabella, my mom, Dan (on FaceTime), the dog, and I squeezed into the small bed talking and lovingly bickering with one another.

Even though I am living life with such conviction and fear of what lies in the next few months, I know I am His Beloved and I am beautiful. There are some days that are so simple with such a sense of wonder which makes the shout of earth’s divine beauty even louder that you can’t help but be giddy over its sound.

I enjoy days like today.

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