Brilliant Vloggers Worth Watching

“Follow & Subscribe!”

Following YouTubers is such a common practice. There is such an exponential amount of internet personalities, referred to as “YouTubers”, who own at least one YouTube video series (or “vlogs”). I feel lucky that this wasn’t such a large trend when I was in middle school or high school, but rather a hobby that I adopted in college. I admit, the list of YouTubers I follow is not very extensive. I find myself very content with my tastes being comprised of more mainstream than someone who is fluent in spitting off names of internet personalities. My mainstream favorites are Tyler Oakley and Zoella.

With a Bachelor’s Mass Communications I’m blown away by how these individuals create their own network community through their videos and social media to which sustains satisfied followers, the mass audience which fuels and receives all their vlogging endeavors.

It’s a millennial trend that has transformed entertainment and how we use the internet.

A trend like this is something to be cautious about, following YouTubers on their video channels, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr blogs, and anything else could hinder to addictive behavior. We admire these individuals and easily adhere to the many ways in which these vloggers have made it available to stay updated on them 24/7.

It’s Time to Up Your Ante

I prefer to watch vloggers, such as with all other things, in moderation. Don’t find yourself lost in quantity but in quality of YouTube entertainment. There are plenty of astounding internet personalities who don’t do meet & greets at Playlist Live.

These people? Hilarious and brilliant young professionals that I love who not only leave me entertained but motivate me for personal and professional success as a thriving 21-year-old.

1. Anna Akana

Anna is an actress, filmmaker, producer, and comedian. She’s a driven and absolutley hilarious professional. One thing I love about her is her sisterly advice nature, with all of her videos offering insight that positively motivates viewers for self-improvement.

2. Marina Watanabe

Marina, her internet alias as MarinaShutUp, is regarded as YouTube’s favorite feminist. For those interested in exploring more about current social justice and feminist issues, this girl is amazing at educating viewers. She presents topics and arguments in a very fair and educated way. I love this girl.

3. Matt Ballassai

Matt Bellassai is a bit of my guilty pleasure. I’m a lover of sangria and I make all efforts to not be a vindictive and critical person. So watching this man complain and criticize about literally anything is such a treat for me. He says some things that make me cringe but his humor is so entertaining.

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