More Meetings Saves You Time

As a thriving 21-year-old pursing my passions while finishing up my college career, I am always challenged with polishing my skills in time management. At KnoBull PR, I am constantly blown away by how our firm is made up of brilliant minds and determined go-getters. An amazing strategy I’ve noticed on our accounts is frequent meetings. Yes, meetings can be a strain on time but they are an absolute must. It’s time to bust the myths and acknowledge that frequent meetings improve the work ethic of any organization! I have come to find that the more meetings you have, the more time you save.

Getting it together

Consistency is key in the organization and communication of a group. The consistent meetings establish discipline in your team. It is through that discipline that you are able to bring out your team’s talents and hard work ethic. This strong dynamic will flow into all aspects of your work as you continue to work efficiently.

Quicker meetings

When a team meets every other week, there seems to be so much that you need to catch up on in regards to your client, efforts, projects, and news. When your meetings are scheduled to a couple per week, you cut out all the trivial things you need to catch up on, allowing you to immediately focus on the present task at hand.

Motivation to get things done

Frequent meetings serve as reminders and checkpoints on your team’s journey to your ultimate goal. The constant updates with your colleagues not only keep you knowledgeable in all your efforts but allows you to remain informed about your own responsibilities for your team. This knowledge inspires and motivates all members to complete tasks on time. It’s pretty difficult to put things off when you have a team meeting in just another three days.

Team building and real relationships

The relationships formed in your team, among your colleagues and associates cannot be understated. According to the Huffington Post, a relational-oriented environment always leads to success. When you see your colleagues often, it allows for authentic bonds to naturally grow throughout deadlines and collaborations. Not to mention, these friendships make working much more enjoyable as your personalities are woven into your work ethic, allowing you to work at a more efficient rate.

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