Officially an Unofficial Videographer


Everyone Loves Weddings

Weddings are so wonderful! Who doesn’t love weddings? It’s a beautiful gift of witnessing two people make their vows in front of their family and friends as they enter in the sacrament of matrimony. It’s a day that opens people up and brings them together. It’s a day of glitz and glam. It’s a day that is serious yet silly. It’s a day of laughter and tears. It’s a day that goes by so quickly and yet lasts a lifetime. Weddings are so intimate and it truly is a gift to be a witness of such a giving of self.

As a former intern with Confetti Events, my love for weddings has grown. I got to work with so many couples make their vows in front of all their guests, then have the time of their life at the reception. Not only that, I gained so much valuable knowledge about the wedding industry… such as timelines, seating charts, vendor networking, and hospitality. My attention to detail and passion for team work deepened in more ways than I could have ever expected. It was a lot of long nights and running around, but it was such a great experience. I just love weddings.

7362631662_a9fdaa9bfa_zMy best friend Hailee is getting married in less than two months! I am so excited to watch Hailee and Michael enter the sacrament in December! Not only is it going to be a snow-filled Christmas wedding in Little Falls, Minnesota…but it’s a wedding that I actually get to be part of!  No, I’m not going as a bridesmaid (the dilemma of being all the way in Florida). Although according to Hailee I can be a pretend bridesmaid! But I am so excited to announce that I am going to be their wedding videographer! Hailee and Michael truly felt it was so important to invest more in a professional photographer and less on a videographer. I will be borrowing an amazing Sony X 1 camera for the day!

Such An Amateur

I know what you’re thinking.

“Why, out of anyone they could think of, would they choose some amateur to film such a momentous day?”

Believe me, I’ve asked myself the same question. I have no experience in wedding videography. In fact, I’ve never even been to the state of Minnesota (where the wedding is taking place). In preparing and researching the in’s and out’s of how I will get this done serves as an even greater reminder of how new I am at this. It seemingly doesn’t make any sense why I, out of anyone else, will be the videographer.

And yet, it makes total sense…

What Really Matters

Hailee and Michael asked me, in person, if I would do this because they know my love for videography and attention to detail. These two know first-hand my love for filming people, capturing candids, and editing precious moments into a well thought out video. They know how creative I am and how much I love them. They initially asked that I keep an eye on their rolling camera as well as rotate the tripod during the 10352820_10152354967351039_4906013527190451662_nceremony. They also asked if I could maybe just capture some small snippets of them getting ready as well as capturing the few important parts of the reception. They  tried  to not ask too much from me, making this a favor that was as convenient as possible.

…They should really know better.

My friends were not prepared for my ‘yes’ to be so enthusiastic and passionate. My mind went soaring and immediately starting planning out my vision for what I want the product to look like. I intend on giving them their full-day coverage as well as a creating a wedding highlight video.

Bottom line: Hailee and Michael are such selfless and honest people. They are people who know that this day means more than the decor and flower arrangements. It’s so beautiful to see that these are simple people who value what’s most important in life. Their wedding video is not a make-or-break deal for them. My dear friends don’t want Hollywood magic and they don’t want fireworks. What they ultimately want is simplicity: a video that authentically portrays the beauty of their big day. I am so grateful for the opportunity to give my two  best friends a high quality piece of something special.

It is such an honor to use my gifts and skills to document the day of them becoming man and wife!

Do Your Homework

With the wedding fast approaching I have been doing my fair share of research. Such as cost-effective audio equipment, lighting techniques, and ideal camera angles. I learned that videographers do not solely rely on their built-in mic. They invest in various microphone appliances. Some can be plugged into speakers while others exist as stand-by audio equipment. There are multiple ways that videographers create the best lighting. I have chosen natural lighting, which is the most cost-effective and convenient. This can still require various products that help videographers  enhance natural lighting when shooting live. Most of this can be done with strategic placing, allowing for the natural sun to create the best lighting. That leads me to what I am most excited for, the camera angles! I’ve been looking at many wedding videos on the internet, seeing what I like and don’t like about them. Videographers do plenty of creative angles and placings in order to enhance the storytelling of a couple’s wedding.There are already some techniques and angles that I have my eye on so I can test them out myself!


Over a Month Away!

Like I said, the wedding is fast  approaching. I am beyond excited for it! Untill then, I am occupying my prep tim by looking at photography blogs and sites. I am in search of inspiration, always. Videos for Change is a great blog that offers amazing information on proper techniques in shooting for various situations. I also love the creativity and love that the team at Lucky Lemon puts into the story telling of their videos. It has been so fun discovering other various professionals and amateurs, picking part of their brain! Everyone has their own specific style and tips on how to get their best shots and tell the story of the couple.

And I am so excited to explore my specific style and be with my best friends on this amazing day. Like I said, I love weddings!

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